Welcome to the IHG Commission Services program, the first in the hotel industry to offer a global central commission payment program.

Due to the global decrease in travel, Commission Services is receiving an extremely high surge of travel agent inquiries regarding aged reservations. Inquiries are going to multiple parties - Commission Services, the hotels and various IHG corporate partners - resulting in duplicate requests which delay responses from Commission Services.

Effective immediately, all commission inquiries for reservations with a check-out date prior to one year from the date of inquiry will be returned to the requestor. Commission Services is only researching reservations within twelve months of departure. Please send valid inquiries to commission.services@ihg.com only to eliminate duplicates and reduce response time.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.

IHG's centralized travel agency commission program is designed to efficiently track and pay your commissions on behalf of IHG properties. IHG only pays legitimate agencies that are registered with an accredited organization such as IATA or TIDS.  Other acceptable associations are ARC, TSI, ERSP, SATO, and TRUE.  Agents must add or quote their membership number when booking. Currently, more than 99% of our hotels participate in the centralized travel agency commission program. IHG utilizes the services of Onyx for the disbursement of funds.

IHG’s 3.5% processing fee (standard 10% commission less 3.5% of commission = 9.65% commission) supports all of the program features and allows IHG to offer excellent service to our travel agents.


  • Consolidated weekly commission payments
  • Detailed payment remittance
  • Commissions received in your own currency (where available)
  • Commission payment direct deposit (where available)
  • Customer support for commission inquiries


  • The agency IATA number MUST be on the reservation or the agency will not be paid.
  • If the retail IATA is not on the reservation and the reservation was booked through a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) or Affiliate, the retail agency will not receive the commission. The TPI or Agency will.
  • Travel agents booking online should use www.IHGagent.com or call an IHG call center directly using a branded, toll-free number to ensure no other IATA number is assigned to the reservation.
  • If the agency books with the hotel directly, the agency should remind the hotel reservation staff to place the IATA number on the bookings.
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